Race Day !!!


Race Location

Lincoln School Campus & Codman Pool, Ballfield Road , Lincoln , MA .  For a map of the area, go to Directions tab.



Parking will be marked and limited to Hartwell and Smith Parking Lots ONLY on the school campus.  No cars will be allowed to enter or exit the course during the running of the race except for emergencies. (Estimated race time including awards ceremony is 8:30-11:30am.  Cars probably won’t be able to leave before 10:30 am.



Codman Pool’s bathrooms and changing areas will be available to the public.  There will be a first aid station at the pool as well as medical volunteers along the bike and run courses.  Life guards will be in and around the pool.  Water stations will be located at turn-around points along the run.  There will be a bike mechanic on hand to assist with basic bike adjustments and helmets.


You can also download the complete brochure.


Race Walkthrough


Arrive and Register

Allow plenty of time before the race to park your car and prepare for the day’s events.  Suggested arrival time is 7-7:30am. Please park your car in designated parking only.  Access will be closed during the race and parking is limited so carpool or walk if possible.


For information on registering for the race, see the Registration page. You will receive a timing chip which should go around your ankle and stay there until the end of the race. This chip will enable us to get your times for each segment of your race!


Set up your Transition Area

Walk your bike and other equipment to your designated spot in the Codman parking lot, Transition Area. Volunteers will be on hand to help you.  Splash & Dashers (5 & 6 year-olds) can set up their sneaker transition up by the pool which will also be designated.


Know the Course

Familiarize yourself with your course by looking at the course map for your age group posted on the wall by the transition area.  To see age group maps, click course maps. Practice buckling and unbuckling your helmet so you know you can do it.


Get Psyched

The official start of the race will be immediately preceded by the singing of our National Anthem.



Swim waves will begin with the 5 & 6 year-olds.  Then the remainder of the waves will be sent off oldest to youngest.  The 13 & 14 year-olds are sent off one at a time (15 seconds apart) and must swim a length in each lane of the pool (down in lane 1, back in lane 2, down in lane 3, etc.)  The other age groups will be sent off in heats of 6 with one person per lane.  Lifeguards will be present and in the water where needed. NOTE: No water wings or flotation devices will be allowed.


Your First Transition

After the swim, you will walk or run carefully to your Transition area.  Water shoes are not necessary, but can be worn from the pool to the parking lot and should be placed out of the way.  Be sure to cross the timing mat on your way!


In this first transition, the Splash & Dashers (ages 5-6) will put on their running shoes, shirt and number, and then be directed to their run around Codman Field.  For ages 7-14, run down the path to where you set up your bike, put on your shoes, shirt or race belt with your number and helmet.  NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO PROCEED TO THE BIKE RIDE WITHOUT A HELMET ON AND FASTENED SECURELY.  Walk your bike on the bike side of the transition area and exit where the sign reads “BIKE OUT.”  Do not get on your bike until you are out of the transition area and past the mount line.



Ride the bike course safely, staying as far as possible to the right of the road.  If you pass someone, pass them on the left and tell them clearly, “Passing on your left.”  It is best it you have a water bottle mounted on your bike so you can drink when thirsty, as there won’t be water stops on the bike course.


Your Second Transition

When you finish the bike ride, get off your bike at the dismount line. Re-enter the transition area at the “BIKE IN” sign while walking your bike. Replace your bike in your assigned spot, take off your helmet and change shoes from biking shoes to running shoes if need be.  Then run on the pedestrian side towards the “RUN OUT” sign. Volunteers will be along the run to help direct the different age groups.  All finishes are around Codman Field and through the same, big finish line.



While running the course, stay to the left on the sidewalk as you will be sharing it with runners coming the other way.  Pace yourself so that you can finish strong.  There will be a water station at the start of the run and at the turn-around point of the ¾ mile run.


After the Race

After you finish, you will receive a Finisher’s Medal and a volunteer will collect your timing chip.  Replenish your energy with water, fruit and the other post-race snacks provided.  Smile and greet your parents and other fans.  You just did a triathlon!


Stick around for the awards. We have great prizes from our sponsors: Saucony, Marathon Sports, Something Special, and TYR as well as some raffle items to give away. The top 3 finishers in each age division and gender will receive an award.



Don’t forget these things:

Swim Suit

Swim cap (for girls)

Goggles (recommended)



Biking Shoes


Running Shoes

Running Shorts (optional)

Shirt (optional)

  Water Bottle